Reykjavik and London, Here We Come!

London Calling

London Calling

Liz and I are super excited, as we booked flights to Iceland and then the UK last night (all while watching the Oilers beat the Ducks!)

We will be going to Iceland first, staying in Reykjavic for close to a week, and then on our way to London! Iceland Air has a great deal where if you fly from the US or Canada to Europe, you can stop overĀ in Iceland for up to seven nights on the way there (and you can even book it through expedia, which we did). The cost of the flights works out so the whole package is cheaper than booking the flights seperately, and was quite reasonable overall.

Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

We almost have our Iceland trip planned out, and hotels there are super cheap right now (although I hear the food will be expensive). Liz has a previously planned London to Edinburgh itinerary that we will probably us as a basis for our UK travels, although who knows where we will end up. :)

We will be spending the rest of the week and weekend in Montreal, and then flying out Monday!


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3 Responses to “Reykjavik and London, Here We Come!”

  1. Cody Says:

    That’s so awesome!! Yahoo!!! I have always wanted to go to Iceland. Pictures of it always look so beautiful. Happy flights!

  2. White Calf Says:

    Holy Cow – Watch out for Bewoulf! Your eastern journey has taken a new direction – up!! exciting!!

  3. Johnn Says:

    Sweet! You gonna drop into the CCP studios? I bet they’d love to give you a tour. Say hi to Monte for me.

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