Painting Up A Storm

Happy New Year! We have taken a small break from posting for the holidays, but have plans to complete posts that will cover our fall tour of England and Scotland, so stay tuned. Today, I wanted to post an update with lots of pictures of one of the hobbies that has been keeping me busy since we landed in Toronto. I have started putting together a Warhammer 40K army of Chaos Space Marines, and have now painted up my first 500 pts (pictures below). I am also posting up my Warmachine Cygnar army (pictures taken by Jarrett Lee – thanks man!)

My plans this year are to play both 40K and Warmachine on a regular basis, while keeping to as much painting as I can. I have joined a local Warmachine league that starts this weekend (and goes for 3 months), and there are a couple of Games Workshops nearby (including a battle bunker with lots of tables), so finding 40K games should be easy. Woohoo!

Chaos Space Marines (Warhammer 40K):


Cygnar (Warmachine):

This was the first army I painted up back in Edmonton. I have a couple of Centurions almost done that will be completed once I get my Chaos Space Marines up a bit more in points.

That’s all for this week. Take care!


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5 Responses to “Painting Up A Storm”

  1. White Calf Says:

    I think your army could benefit from some war horses, but it is looking good!

  2. Deirdre Crandall Says:

    Well Robyn, your (youthful) passion for painting miniatures has inspired me to don my Xena warrior princess garb again. Was going to send a photo but yo’ mama, the beautiful Joan, has suggested tthat photos are not received on your blog?? Tristesse. Although xenaesque bangs do not suite me, the Xena buff body holds a definite appeal.

    Battle (paint on) Robin.

    Best to Liz (wondering if she received my e-mail about vocal workshops she might like?).


    Best to both of you!

  3. colton Says:

    hey i member hallie was it ?

  4. colton Says:

    it is the bottem pic

  5. Colton Says:

    Hey how are you?
    i can’t wait to get the game your sending us! :D
    I’ve been playing star wars battle front nonstop :P (blood shot eyes)

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