What a Wreck

I created these wreck markers for my Warmachine Cygnar army using spare jack parts I ordered from the Privateer Press online store. There are 2 Heavy and 2 Light wreck markers for when my jacks take enough damage to be destroyed (like that ever happens).


I wanted to make them low enough profile so that you could stand other minis on them when needed, you can see that the top two have their parts ‘sunken in’. The bottom two aren’t sunken in as much, partly because I thought it would look better, and partly because it was taking too much time and effort (i.e. I am lazy), heh.

This was also my first attempt at ‘battle damage’ as seen on the leg.



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  1. White Calf Says:

    Your figures have such wonderful color and detail. Still looking forward to the equine equivalent.

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