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Moving Day

Friday, August 29th, 2008
Taking a break

Empty house

 Whew! The house is almost empty, and Liz and I are that much closer to making this whole crazy plan of traveling east a reality.

The last couple days we have been making car loads to friends and family (shout out to Billie), and today was the big push that got us over the hump. We spent the morning moving loads of household items to my sister Jacqueline’s using John V’s truck (thanks man). Sister Cody and hubby Diarmuid came up from Red Deer and we loaded up their truck and trailer with tons of stuff. John V as well as Mom and Deirdre helped out, and were sent home with lots o’ stuff as well. W00t!

Net result = house is almost empty. Thanks to everyone who helped!

Pics up at Facebook.


Almost There!

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

We have moved to a new web host (site5, highly recommended), and are just getting things setup and configured. As Liz and I prepare to leave our house and empty it out, we seem to be building more and more of our future online. I guess you could say we are moving from Edmonton to our new address on :)

Stay tuned,