Time for a Bath

After our visit to London (see previous post), we decided to hop on a coach and head west to the city of Bath. On the way, Robin and I caught our first glimps of the English countryside. That first real slate-cottage thrill!

Bath is grand, and layered with Roman history, yet charming and serene at the same time. It is a gateway to the English countryside, and when you gaze out to the little houses spilling across the hills, you can just begin to see the overlap of the Cotswolds. The Georgian style buldings that can be seen everywhere in Bath were once stained black from coal fires. In recent years the buildings have been cleaned to reveal that milky stone that Bath was famous for.  The Roman baths, though no longer in use are an important part of a visit to the city. The museum has done a wonderful job preserving ancient crumbling rooms below ground level, and you can wonder amongst them, a catching a glimpse of the hot springs gushing along as abundant as ever. In the shopping areas of Bath, you can find oodles of fudgeries, Cornish pasty shops, and corner cafes, trinket shops and English souvenirs a plenty. Bath is a great place to stay especially if your planning on some day-trips to Stonehenge, and the village of Lacock (which we will post about soon).

Full Gallery: City of Bath (46 photos)

A few highlights:





We did have a fun adventure one evening, we had been given a tip that inexpensive and tasty dinners were to be found in many local pubs. So, Robin and I wandered until we found one with a couple of available chairs, and sat down. We both had a beautiful roast chicken dinner, Robin had some ale, and I had a Blackthorn Cider. Before long Robin said, “I don’t want to alarm you, but did you realize you are the only girl in this whole place?” Yes, indeed I had noticed that all around me men were glued to the “Football” game. Well, when our dinners were done, a friendly inebriated young man came up to us, said that he was hungry, and then asked if he could have a go at our leftovers (of which there were none- just the bones really.) It took a moment before we realized that this poor soul wasn’t joking, and then he turned around apparently too embarrassed to speak to us any longer. We did feel a little bad, but the man could have bought food instead of booze. Well, there is no shortage of adventures to be had in English pubs, and neither is there any shortage of chips.

Full Gallery: City of Bath (46 photos)

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3 Responses to “Time for a Bath”

  1. Colton Says:

    Hey bath looks nice i wish I were you haha.
    I wonder did the Romans take a bath in there? haha


  2. Jess Says:

    Hey guys! Bath is AWESOME! It was one of my favourite places when we went, lots of fun! Your photos are great and I really love your stories, keep posting!

    I love the picture of the sign… like what are they even trying to illustrate… hilarious. Can’t wait to see more of those! Don’t touch the bonzai!

    Take care and keep warm!

  3. Julian Says:

    Hey Liz and Robin… my name has been hijacked, unless you know another Julian(which is entirely possible). I did not write the previous comment. ” Robin, that is a terrible title for a photo album. My first thought was that you had finally gone nuts and posted an album of you taking a bath.”

    Some naughty little Christmas elf is F$%*ing around with the comments!!

    The photos are great you guys, I loved seeing all the sites. The EYE is very cool eh? We went up in the daytime but I love seeing your night shots. We love Bath, best city ever, but unbelievably expensive. I remember paying about $25 for 4 Cokes in a restaurant by the Baths. Yikes! Nothing like taking baths in lead lined pools!!

    Laurel, and I , Nicholas and Sally wish you a very merry Christmas and are disappointed that we won`t be seeing the two of you. We will be thinking of you. All the best.

    Felice Navidad

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