Strange Markers

First off, Liz and I are almost done a new travel blog post, this time about the Cotswolds in England. We are planning on doing several more posts to finish up our pictures of England and Scotland.

As for this update, I have finished painting up a few things. The latest edition of Warhammer 40K uses a lot of objective-based scenarios (where you fight over the spots marked by the objectives), so I have painted up 3 Chaos-themed objective markers. I don’t have background story for them yet, but I think the 4-way sign post might be ‘all ways lead to Chaos’ or something cheesey like that.

I have also been playing a lot of my Cygnar army for Warmachine lately (I am currently sitting 3rd in our league of 15 or so players), and I am really excited about my new list that will be revealed this weekend, which includes Captain Arlan Strangeways, warjack mechanic extraordinaire. I really enjoyed painting him up. I was finally able to buy the colours I needed for his face off of ebay. His pipe and the little dials and gauges on his chest and backpack were fun to paint.




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  1. Cody Says:

    Missing you guys…

  2. White Calf Says:

    Congratulations on your gaming efforts Robin, your army is detailed and fine. Looking forward to travel updates.

  3. Cody Says:


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