Darius… Done!

I have wanted to paint up Darius for a long time now, as he plays perfectly in the type of jack heavy lists I play – I even managed to get 3 games in with him on his first outing today, but went 1-2. He was a challenging model to paint, and is the best I have done so far in terms of blending my blues, and highlighting the edges.

He goes with the 3 Halfjacks I finished earlier, which you can see here.

My secondary army colour is red, and I am trying to minimize its use for my next few minis to see how it goes. The base is also still a bit shiny as I haven’t matte coated him yet.

The above picture links to a slightly larger version of the image if you want to see a bit more detail.



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  1. Jess Says:

    Your painting is really detailed Robin! I am curious as to what Liz has been up to while you’ve been so busy! I am eager to see the rest of your England photos too!

    Lots of love!!!

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